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Rush fans at a Bravado show can expect to hear a 2 to 3 hour selection from the following ever-expanding list of tracks,
(shown here with their amusing anagrams where available), largely taken from the classic Terry Brown period, performed in a man-for-man,
WYSIWYG kind of way, without the use of additional musicians or click-tracks and sequencers:

Some delicacies from our menu - with their amagrams for Mongo, of course!

Some comments from Bravado's audience...

WORKING MAN (No wank - grim! )
(Done to him)
(I’d wig my fanny)

(Hat men)
(Good-bye, thrown stand)
(By thy fling)
(Need hint?)

(Be a tad silly)
(Speak dark lie)
(Men hear concert)

(We wet novelty net)
(A rest)
(No fishmonger tonight!)
(Speak tango, soak bag!)

(Throttle each rose)
(Con sexy gnu)
(Ax a nud)
A FAREWELL TO KINGS (Algerian wet folks)(Leg lift awakes Ron!)

(He/she rips me)
(Rest thee)
(Latvian Alligators)

( I hid posterior fat)
(We'll fire)
(Odd cables jar)
(An electric anus)

(Tow my arse)
(Wise head? why?)
(The retard cab)
(I'll get him)
(Twin hutch)
(Yea, re-teach me)

(Sun voids ibis)
(Go handle a kit)
(Won-ton cud)

(A rewarding last tinny)
( When we beset Ethel)
(Mafia egret)

(Dismantle stilt)

(Our concert spud)
(Thai village lab)

(Oh slob relent)
(Drab ova)

(Dr Vine)

(Car fry)


From the review section of Tropic at Ruislip website:

Bravado were excellent last night... Not easy to do a tribute to some of the worlds best musicians and get away with it.

Having read the reviews of the first Bravado performance at the Tropic I went along last night more in hope than expectation. The original reviews were glowing but I have seen many reviews build a band up only to be
disappointed when I have seen them myself. My fears were wasted as BRAVADO were F-A-N-T-A-S-T-I-C. As a big Rush fan I had not expected them to be that good. Rush's music is very complex but these 3 guys from Yorkshire pulled it off with a mastery I was not expecting. Concentrating on early Rush from the 70s and early 80s the material was just what I (and the hard core Rush fans in the audience) wanted to hear. A brilliant night and they thoroughlydeserved the massive applause they got at the end. The show was over far too quickly - I wanted 3 hours not just the 2 hours they played. Please get them back ASAP as I can't believe there is a better tribute band out there.

Well, they certainly did it again! Bravado have shown that their talent and skill IS equal to Rush, and in doing so, have raised the bar to new heights for other tribute bands to follow. On this occasion they had the size of audience that they deserve, and I don't believe that there was a single person there who was disappointed. Personally I would be happy to watch Bravado play all day, the couple of hours available on a Friday night is way too short.

We were lied to! That couldn't have been a tribute band it was RUSH pretending to be BRAVADO! I saw Rush at Wembley in 2004, this lot were their equal. The music was loud, proud, and incredibly tight.

Over the past six years or so I must have seen every tribute band of note from AC/DC UK to ZZ Tops, but in all those gigs I have never come across a tribute that is as impressive as Bravado, a tribute to the veteran Canadian Prog Rock band Rush.
Straight away from a very strong start with, "Spirit Of Radio", via "The Trees", "Tom Sawyer", "Temples Of Syrinx", and "The Big Money", the band never put so much as a foot wrong, just flawless musicianship throughout. The in room soundwas just amazingly good to boot with "Geddy Lee's", thunderous bass pedals causing my trouser legs to flap in sympathy on occasion!
With three superb musicians I feel it would be unfair to single out anyone unduly so I'll just give a 10 out of 10 for their overall performance, very professional presentation and choice of set list. If one could take a Rush stadium show, shrink it down to fit inside a club setting (and at a club price!) yet not compromise on musicianship, sound and presentation then that is what one gets with Bravado. There is no catch.
I gather that the advice given to the Promoter (at the Tropic) on enquiring after a Rush tribute was, "Bravado - just book them!", my advice to anyone reading this that is partial to the music of Rush (and especially) if tribute bands are "not their thing", is similarly straightforward: Bravado - just go and see them!

WHAT A RUSH! It was as if we had been transported back to the 80's and RUSH were actually performing at The Tropic.
Not only did BRAVADO perform with great accuracy, the very complex music of RUSH, but thanks to Phil's "Military Grade" full PA, you could feel as well as hear the vast wall of sound from this incredible 3 piece.

What a band! Brilliant from start to finish...two encores and we still wanted more. Very slick, excellent sound, great vocals, brilliant guitar work. So close to the real thing.

Wow! That was my reaction to the opening track, and many times throughout the evening. For 3 quietly spoken Yorkshiremen these guys made a lot of noise. Superb musicians and amazing replication of distinctive Rush sound - especially the vocals. Even friends who knew no Rush tracks said they were amazing.

RUSH have been described as the Rolls Royce of Rock and Heavy
Metal and Bravado did them more than justice - and then some!

Bravado were musically superb. The guitar soloing was out of this world and really did seem to make Time stand Still. The singer playing bass and keyboards was also outstanding hitting just the right range vocally. The drummer, however, was a revelation and his solo, late on, was a percussion masterclass.

To summarise, this was an excellent show delivered with style, guile and
a big smile. Heart warming stuff indeed!!

Having been disappointed with the gig the previous week, I was a bit dubious about seeing a tribute act of one of my favourite bands, Rush.
Rush's music can be incredibly complex and would take three very professional musicians to get it right. Luckily that’s exactly what we got from Bravado; at times I was forgetting it wasn’t the real thing. Absolutely fantastic.

It's the first review I've ever sent in my life but I just have to comment on last night's gig, Bravado, the Rush tribute band.Their performance was amazingly superb in every way.

Bravado played the most fantastic gig I have ever seen in my life, loud! wow! Three absolutely brilliant musicians, Still can't believe how good they were, everyone who was there was totally gobsmacked, if you missed it, my commiserations. I only hope they come back again one day. Remember BRAVADO, Rush tribute stunning!!!

And from previous shows:

"Bottom line: it's excellent music - superbly played. There's also a bit of fun at the shows - some of the magic dies if it's all taken too seriously on stage. You guys have got the perfect balance.
Keep up the great work - it's very much appreciated. As a whole I'm really not into tribute bands, but you are in a wholly different league." D.W., Warwickshire

"Awesome take on the best band around. Authenticity was immense." N.F., Birmingham

"I am now far less sad about the possibility of not seeing Rush again knowing that Bravado are continuing to play my ultimate music with such style. I can't thank you enough for such a brilliant night. " - P.S., Mansfield

"Great gig, felt 17 again which, at 44, is regressing a lot. The way you played those songs last night just shows how timeless Rush are and I told my girlfriend, who enjoyed it as well, that was the best band I've ever seen in the Limelight by far. Unbelievable likeness, visually and musically. Come back soon."

"You guys are awesome, way ahead of the other tribute bands. Thanks for a great night" M., Crewe

"Hi guys. Just had to comment on the 30th anniversary show. WOW! Words fail me but I'll give it a go! I've seen all but one of your Boardwalk shows so I'm used to how good you are but Friday night was something extra special.
"It was a bold idea to recreate the '77 show and my mates and I were really looking forward to it. Loved the funny announcement before you took the stage - "you had more hair , hold in your beergut etc". There was a real sense of occasion.Some nerves were evident, and that was just us in the crowd! Could you pull it off? Well , was there ever any doubt?
"Right from the the first chord it really felt like 1977. The highlights just kept coming thick and fast but for me it was the 2112 sequence. I've seen you do "Overture / Temples" many times but now we got the whole thing - 20 minutes of pure magic. The "Presentation / Oracle / Soliloquy" section got the hairs on the back of my neck tingling and sent a shiver down my spine. As the piece came to an end with the familiar "We have assumed control" announcement , I turned to my mate (who actually was there at that gig in 1977!) and we just looked at each other and he simply said - "Fuckin' amazing" in a quiet and awestruck way. That nicely sums it up really , he's got a way with words!
"The whole night was a major triumph and far from being an anticlimax , when you came back after a well earned break , the rest of the  performance was played with equal skill and energy. A particularly brilliant "Tom Sawyer" and an emotional "Red Barchetta" to finish just capped a glorious night.
"So , to sum up - we enjoyed it! It was a privilege to be there and I apologise for coming forward and demanding to shake hands with you all - I don't make a habit of that sort of thing but this was a very special night and I wanted to thank you all for something I'll never forget. I sincerely hope you all enjoyed it as much as we did. How you're ever going to top that I don't know , you've raised the bar pretty high now lads! If the real Rush are as good as that later in the year , then I'll be happy. See you all next time. Cheers."
C.T., Sheffield

"Really f#@%in good tonight - top solo, Deano!" A.S., Beighton

"Absolutely top notch !! I've seen several Rush tribs around the country over the past few years; you guys take first stone was left unturned, the attention to detail was incredible. It is clearly a labour of love, carrying that amount of gear, roadies (what's them then ?) and the amount of rehearsals that must have taken place to reach that standard." D.N., Scunthorpe

"Bravado were FANTASTIC last nite...a LOT of dedicated RUSH fans in there last nite & they were loving it..!!!! Well done guys...hope to see you back in Scunny soon..! xxx" M.O., Scunthorpe

"You nailed it. What a great set. The music - the excitement
- the sound - the show. I was blown away." J.W., Sheffield

"Absolutely splendid night from where I was stood" A.M., Doncaster

"Storming final gig of 2006...Thanks for giving us something to look forward to" R.P., Maltby

"Bloody brilliant show, as per usual and a fecking top night out!" R.G., Notts

"Bravado put on a fantastic show...this band puts on a realistic tribute to Rush and deserve a much bigger audience." T.B., TNMS

"... Bravado have raised the bar with regards to Rush tribute bands... one of the most important things was showing us all, that they were ENJOYING what they were doing. The lead guitarist must have got lock jaw, he just didn't stop smiling all the way through the set.
Good gig fellas."B.M., TNMS

"... a fantastic show... definitely will watch them again, even if we have to pay!!!" Z.H., Bradford

"...terrific show at the Boardwalk; I closed my eyes halfway through 'Xanadu' and it was exactly like being at a Rush tribute band gig except really dark..." A.M., Doncaster

"Not only the best Rush trib I've ever seen, they're the best tribute act I've ever seen, full stop....closer to the album sound than even Rush can manage. Seriously. Best 4 I've spent for ages. If they're round your way, go see 'em." R.G., Mansfield

"...Fab! Entertaining and professional. Think you're taking the piss with all them roadies, tho..." R.D., Worksop

"An excellent show and set list. There were many highlights.....wonderful acoustic Bravado....You should get a slot at the Rush convention ..." K.H.

"Great show, lovely playing from the band - show really first class..." B.N., York

"Thanks for a great night!
It was brilliant to see a "real" Rush tribute, as it takes one hell of a lot of skill & technique to pull off what you guys did, especially as you performed it in the correct format!...You were bloody RUSHTASTIC!" A.C., Rotherham

"AWESOME!!" C.W., Sheffield

"Keep on spreading the Rush gospel - there is no better music on this planet!" B.D., Harrogate

"I hope everyone in Britain can see you guys play - you play like there's no tomorrow ... Cheers guys for the wonderful gigs, and keep up the amazing work. Bravado is the true meaning of Teamwork!" P.P., Doncaster

"Thoroughly enjoyed the gig ... you put on a great show. Looked like you guys enjoyed it as much as we did." R.S., Rotherham

"AWESOME!!!! I think you are going to be the best tribute band on the circuit and am looking forward to seeing you again. Tears was exeptionally good and your athletic use of gear was very impressive. Your not  a eunoch are you? Well good mate." M.R., Bolton

"Saw the gig last week at the Boardwalk and we were all ****ing amazed! tremendous gig, really enjoyed it. Can't wait till next time." B.P., Sheffield

"Great gig guys. Been a Rush fan for over 20 years! seen them more times than I can remember including a gig in Toronto! You guys are without doubt the closest tribute band I have ever seen. Keep up the good work. " C.C., Chesterfield

"Needed to say what a pleasure it was to see 3 consummate professionals playing music that they so obviously love ... enjoyed a superb show! " D.G., Barnsley

"Can't believe great set list! Can't wait to see you again! " S.P., Sheffield

"I'd forgotten how many classic songs Rush had written, and you played them all with a confidence and enthusiasm that belies how technically challenging they are. I felt like a 17 year old last night; I feel 60 this morning though." S.R., Dronfield

"... made my wife aware that there is some alternative music out there besides Simply Red and Jimmy Nail ... fantastic" C.B., Barnsley


All quotes are from genuine printed reviews, published on-line, or received by email. Full transcripts are kept on Planet Bravado at the home of The Elder Race who's power, incidentally, grows with purpose strong. They hope to claim the home where they belong somtime in the next financial year.



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