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"I am now far less sad about the possibility of not seeing Rush again knowing that Bravado are continuing to play my ultimate music with such style. I can't thank you enough for such a brilliant night. " - P.S., Mansfield

"Great gig, felt 17 again which, at 44, is regressing a lot. The way you played those songs last night just shows how timeless Rush are and I told my girlfriend, who enjoyed it as well, that was the best band I've ever seen in the Limelight by far. Unbelievable likeness, visually and musically. Come back soon."

"You guys are awesome, way ahead of the other tribute bands. Thanks for a great night" M., Crewe

"Hi guys. Just had to comment on the 30th anniversary show. WOW! Words fail me but I'll give it a go! I've seen all but one of your Boardwalk shows so I'm used to how good you are but Friday night was something extra special.
"It was a bold idea to recreate the '77 show and my mates and I were really looking forward to it. Loved the funny announcement before you took the stage - "you had more hair , hold in your beergut etc". There was a real sense of occasion.Some nerves were evident, and that was just us in the crowd! Could you pull it off? Well , was there ever any doubt?
"Right from the the first chord it really felt like 1977. The highlights just kept coming thick and fast but for me it was the 2112 sequence. I've seen you do "Overture / Temples" many times but now we got the whole thing - 20 minutes of pure magic. The "Presentation / Oracle / Soliloquy" section got the hairs on the back of my neck tingling and sent a shiver down my spine. As the piece came to an end with the familiar "We have assumed control" announcement , I turned to my mate (who actually was there at that gig in 1977!) and we just looked at each other and he simply said - "Fuckin' amazing" in a quiet and awestruck way. That nicely sums it up really , he's got a way with words!
"The whole night was a major triumph and far from being an anticlimax , when you came back after a well earned break , the rest of the  performance was played with equal skill and energy. A particularly brilliant "Tom Sawyer" and an emotional "Red Barchetta" to finish just capped a glorious night.
"So , to sum up - we enjoyed it! It was a privilege to be there and I apologise for coming forward and demanding to shake hands with you all - I don't make a habit of that sort of thing but this was a very special night and I wanted to thank you all for something I'll never forget. I sincerely hope you all enjoyed it as much as we did. How you're ever going to top that I don't know , you've raised the bar pretty high now lads! If the real Rush are as good as that later in the year , then I'll be happy. See you all next time. Cheers."
C.T., Sheffield

"Really f#@%in good tonight - top solo, Deano!" A.S., Beighton

"Nice pre-emptive strike, chaps, with Far Cry & Hope - (fcking superb)" R.P., Rotherham

"Absolutely top notch !! I've seen several Rush tribs around the country over the past few years; you guys take first prize....no stone was left unturned, the attention to detail was incredible. It is clearly a labour of love, carrying that amount of gear, roadies (what's them then ?) and the amount of rehearsals that must have taken place to reach that standard." D.N., Scunthorpe

"Bravado were FANTASTIC last nite...a LOT of dedicated RUSH fans in there last nite & they were loving it..!!!! Well done guys...hope to see you back in Scunny soon..! xxx" M.O., Scunthorpe

"You nailed it. What a great set. The music - the excitement
- the sound - the show. I was blown away."
J.W., Sheffield

"Absolutely splendid night from where I was stood" A.M., Doncaster

"Storming final gig of 2006...Thanks for giving us something to look forward to" R.P., Maltby

"Bloody brilliant show, as per usual and a fecking top night out!" R.G., Notts

"Bravado put on a fantastic show...this band puts on a realistic tribute to Rush and deserve a much bigger audience." T.B., TNMS

"... Bravado have raised the bar with regards to Rush tribute bands... one of the most important things was showing us all, that they were ENJOYING what they were doing. The lead guitarist must have got lock jaw, he just didn't stop smiling all the way through the set.
Good gig fellas."B.M., TNMS

"... a fantastic show... definitely will watch them again, even if we have to pay!!!" Z.H., Bradford

"...terrific show at the Boardwalk; I closed my eyes halfway through 'Xanadu' and it was exactly like being at a Rush tribute band gig except really dark..." A.M., Doncaster

"Not only the best Rush trib I've ever seen, they're the best tribute act I've ever seen, full stop....closer to the album sound than even Rush can manage. Seriously. Best 4 I've spent for ages. If they're round your way, go see 'em." R.G., Mansfield

"...Fab! Entertaining and professional. Think you're taking the piss with all them roadies, tho..." R.D., Worksop

"An excellent show and set list. There were many highlights.....wonderful acoustic Bravado....You should get a slot at the Rush convention ..." K.H.

"Great show, lovely playing from the band - show really first class..." B.N., York

"What a gig at The Boardwalk! It was fantastic! One of your best shows yet - great atmosphere, everyone enjoyed it!" P.P., Doncaster

"Thanks for a great night at the Boardwalk...
It was brilliant to see a "real" Rush tribute, as it takes one hell of a lot of skill & technique to pull off what you guys did, especially as you performed it in the correct format!...You were bloody RUSHTASTIC!"
A.C., Rotherham

"AWESOME!!" C.W., Sheffield

"Keep on spreading the Rush gospel - there is no better music on this planet!" B.D., Harrogate

"I hope everyone in Britain can see you guys play - you play like there's no tomorrow ... Cheers guys for the wonderful gigs, and keep up the amazing work. Bravado is the true meaning of Teamwork!" P.P., Doncaster

"Thoroughly enjoyed the gig ... you put on a great show. Looked like you guys enjoyed it as much as we did." R.S., Rotherham

"AWESOME!!!! I think you are going to be the best tribute band on the circuit and am looking forward to seeing you again. Tears was exeptionally good and your athletic use of gear was very impressive. Your not  a eunoch are you? Well good mate." M.R., Bolton

"Saw the gig last week at the Boardwalk and we were all ****ing amazed! tremendous gig, really enjoyed it. Can't wait till next time." B.P., Sheffield

"Great gig guys. Been a Rush fan for over 20 years! seen them more times than I can remember including a gig in Toronto! You guys are without doubt the closest tribute band I have ever seen. Keep up the good work. " C.C., Chesterfield

"Needed to say what a pleasure it was to see 3 consummate professionals playing music that they so obviously love ... enjoyed a superb show! " D.G., Barnsley

"Can't believe great set list! Can't wait to see you again! " S.P., Sheffield

"I'd forgotten how many classic songs Rush had written, and you played them all with a confidence and enthusiasm that belies how technically challenging they are. I felt like a 17 year old last night; I feel 60 this morning though." S.R., Dronfield

"... made my wife aware that there is some alternative music out there besides Simply Red and Jimmy Nail ... fantastic" C.B., Barnsley

"Not normally being one for tribute bands this was an exception as it was Pod from Psi Phi and "Tonight Matthew I'm going to be Geddy Lee", along with Paul on guitar and Dean on drums. Having only see one Rush tribute band before the vocals were always the problem with Geddy Lee's high range, but Pod did a very good job indeed, he even looked like him. The material covered was from the first Rush album through to Signals and it is quite complex stuff to play, having to sing and play bass while playing bass pedals with your feet all at the same time takes some mastering. Most of the best known songs were included in the set list but with so many to choose from it can't have been easy knowing what to leave out. The Trees and La Villa Strangiato from Hemispheres was played with a great drum solo included which the crowd appreciated. For anybody who likes Rush and doesn't want to wait years in the hope of their return this must be the next best thing. " Alistair Flynn, Classic Rock society magazine, May 2005. www.classicrocksociety.com

Posted on: 4/15 at 10:28am GMT
Boardwalk Sheffield 13/04/05

You don’t have to be a Rush anorak to appreciate Bravado but there are quite a few out in force tonight that’s for sure. Rush were and still are musically smarter than your average bear. Bravado however will need more than "just one picnic basket boo-boo" to please this audience and pull this show off.
There’s a new look to the Boardwalk with a clever curtain dividing the large room in half which encourages the fans forward to see the band thus creating a far better atmosphere from the start. Even one of the truly great traditional rock venues has had to resort to inviting tribute bands to play. There’s been two sell out shows already this week (Pink Grease and Half Biscuit) and wishbone Ash is another name you can add to the sold out board. Manager Chris seems to have steered his rock’n’roll flagship to calmer waters and fair play to the guy for keeping music live.

Having watched the Rush DVD "Live In Rio" recently like front man Pod it was a "re-awakening" and a perfect example of just how good Rush were but more importantly how good they still are. Bravado’s set tonight covers the first 9 studio albums but mainly concentrates on "A Farewell To Kings" "Hemispheres" "Permanent Waves" and "Moving Pictures" With the ridiculous intro tape over the three piece got down to serious business cranking out "YYZ" and "The Spirit Of Radio". Its obvious from the start these guys are technically on the case, not your "Stars In Their Eyes" look-alikes (crap UK TV show ) although Pod in his sunglasses does resemble Geddy Lee (fortunately though he is lacking the infamous concord to rest his shades on).
One of the UK’s best kept secrets has got to be drummer Dean Cousins who was pretty amazing through out as the band played practically all of side one from the "Moving Pictures" album. Guitarist Paul Piercy was also in the frame as he joined Pod in the tap dancing routine as he flicks from delays, reverbs, chorus and the occasional classical guitar moment that added just enough spice but with out the artificial flavouring. This is a complicated set with every member doing much more than concentrating on one instrument I was interested to know just what was live? And what was sampled? I thought I would get it straight from the horse’s mouth, I asked founder member Pod to bring us up to speed on the technical side of the show.
"We wanted to keep Bravado a three piece and do as much as we can with out using sequencers, I took some advice from my guys at Electro Music (music shop in Doncaster) they came up with the Yamaha CS2X synth which is a digital synth but you can get the old 70’s sounds I was looking for and I use a Technote midi bass pedal to control it. Dean (drums) can also fire off samples we have played and recorded but we don’t have sequences running, we fire everything off live. We are all big Rush fans so I asked Dean and Paul if they would like to do this Rush tribute, we started rehearsals last October and the response has been fantastic".

With more than 30 years in the rock world and so many Rush albums to choose from there’s almost two hours on offer here tonight so the band did take a short break but just picked up where they left off I was interested in the choice of songs and who put the set together?

Pod:"We agreed the songs as a band there’s nothing in the set that none of us want to play, We invite the fans to suggest songs on our web site www.planetbravado.com so we can add even more into future shows as we want them to contribute, it also may bring up a few suggestions we may not have thought of."

Mean while back at the gig there are a few more moments worth debating. For my money the drum solo thang should have been laid to rest when Cozy Powell died, but I’m on a freebie so it’s the crowds money that counts and the response to an intricate and imaginative solo was just rewards for Dean who really is quite something. He cleverly utilized drum riffs from other Rush songs such as "Body Electric" and "Mystic Rhythms" and the Brass stabs are as near to the original as you are going to get with out copying them from the live album, it was a quality moment made for sharing.
Leaving the stage to deserved applause he has some recovery time as there is a challenging acoustic moment to follow. First up was "Tears" from 2112 then "Time Stand Still" from "Hold Your Fire".
One observation I would make at this point is that although the solo and the acoustic parts were good the audience used it as a time to grab a drink or dispense of one (depending on the bladder strength) so once again you are having to pick up where you left off, just a minor point but not one to go on strike about.
One guy said to me "The band are good but the singer doesn’t quite sound the same as Geddy Lee". Get a life mate, it was near enough, in fact less piercing than the original.
For me the highlights of the show were "Xanadu", "Closer to the heart" and "Tom Sawyer" was just the icing on a very enjoyable cake. We aren’t making a habit of reviewing tribute bands but there’s a doubled edged sword to this evening in the fact that those guys on stage wouldn’t look out of their depth in a major band, The reality is they are in a tribute band like many more great musicians in the UK, Its time we all supported original bands with the same enthusiasm.
This isn’t a case of learn a few songs. Bravado respect Rush enough to put in the hours necessary to deliver a real quality performance.
You know when you throw the bread out on to an empty garden then all of a sudden the garden is full of happy little tweeties?
Well tonight the Hovis has landed!

"If you can’t get to see Rush
Rush to see Bravado"!

Bailey Brothers

All quotes are from genuine printed reviews or received by email. Full transcripts are kept on Planet Bravado at the home of The Elder Race who's power, incidentally, grows with purpose strong. They hope to claim the home where they belong somtime in the next financial year.


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