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Gallery 2007

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The Limelight, 25/11/07 - featuring the Van!

Chris wonders what he's got himself in to... our lovely gingerbread men for after the show Matthew's foul pants

The Diamond, 2/11/07, mostly by Ghost Rider - thanks!

Paul trumps in Pod's face during a particularly tough riff All three of us.. and the pedals.. and the appliances.. Paul plays "Big Jase's" Private Stock PRS - notice the dribble How many necks, exactly? Dean takes a shit at the kit Your turn for a caption, dear reader... with new technology, Pod finds it's always useful to beg your gear to work...

Lakeside Park, 2007 by Stuart Mears

"Lakeside Park, willows in the breeze..." "Midway hawkers calling 'Try your luck with me'..." "...Drinking by the lighthouse, smoking on the pier..." "...Days of barefoot freedom, racing with the waves..."

The Woolpack 31/08/07 - a couple of snaps from Andy Scott - cheers!


Paul with all his friends... ... but there's still "Hope"...

The Gasworks, 8/6/07

"R30E" Night - The Boardwalk, 1/6/07 - incredibly, everyone was so busy having a ball, only Ghost Rider (pictured here with a portion of his Posse) seems to have taken any photos - if you've got any yourself please send them!

The Herringthorpe Leisure Centre, 12/5/07

The Hangar, 16/2/07 - from the cameraphone of our own Chris Hardwick