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Overspill Gallery - 2006 photos

see also Overspill Gallery 2005

The Black Market 08/09/06

La Villa solo Spirit of Radio with flashing lights... Paul soars away ...his fingers is a blur Geddy loses Pod look-alike contest

The Gasworks, Bradford 28/07/06 - note the very low ceiling!!

Despite how swanky your computer is, it looks like your browser has something against Java(tm). Go to www.java.com and sort it out, its easy!

The Boardwalk 14/07/06: CuginiCam™!

Dean on the CuginiCam atop the Appliances of Science Mr Cugini twats it one hard. The mysterious Brother Craig. This is where Dean works...

Paul shows a new generation of Rush fans how its done, and here's the Appliances of Science™ .

Paul with a new generation. Are those shirts done yet?


The Regent 08/06/06, and Pod dances:

Click this for a shot of Paul to frighten children with!

Matt shows his superior co-ordination in simultaneous nose/genital manipulation,
and a close up of Paul's air conditioning:

The Limelight, Crewe, 01/06/06. There's a deal of chuffing about first ...including several nice cupsa tea, mate...

....before this sorta thing happens. A great night and a great audience! We can't wait to come back!

Click here for a portrait of Craig by Claude Monet


The Diamond, Sutton-in-Ashfield, 24/03/06: The food and beds are marvellous! Tea-time at Gary's snack bar - or a nightmare internet dating horror photo? You decide ...

.....and after dinner:


The Boardwalk, Sheffield, once more, 14/03/06: This time southpaw "Doctor" John spanked his magnificent plank to the tune of Xanadu at soundcheck. Another fine guest performance - nice one, John!

And some shots by the Analog Kids!...

........and the GitCam! PLEASE SUBMIT CAPTIONS!


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