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Not a list of seaside golf courses, a load of sausages, a deodorant spray or even a site for lefthanded

Germans, but in fact links to online astronomy sites I have found very useful, and also some light relief.



Modern Astronomy run by Bernard, one of the universe's most helpful beings. Excellent for astro bits and bobs, and even if he doesn't say he sells it on his website, he'll get you one anyway mister. Try him first unless you really really want a big telescope from Orion Optics below.

Orion Optics UK nothing to do with the US/Chinese venture, but a 100% Brit effort based in Crewe. Bespoke scopes, mainly Newtonians, and biscuit consumers. Well worth a visit and a natter. If you ask nicely, you can actually see the scopes being made! Wow!

Green Witch excellent as they can supply just about anything that's ever been made, and actively helpful staff.

Rother Valley lads Regional dealer for Optical Vision/Skywatcher, these folk are from the Republic of South Yorkshire. They sell other fab stuff as well. They speak English.

Ian King Imaging a one man band, and as well as being more helpful than anyone needs to be nowadays, he uses the kit he sells so knows what he's talking about. Very recommended indeed - after sales service exceptional.

Helpful/interesting stuff

Cloudy Nights articles, discussion forums, a wealth of amateur and semi-professional knowledge. Learn lots for nuffink, or just look at the nice pictures and laugh at Americans who can't write English.

Metcheck cloud cover is it worth staying sober tonight and getting the scope out, you wonder... Check this site before you reach for the corkscrew. When you access this page, the eagle eyed may notice that there is a location input bar that in this case says "Sheffield". Do not let your activities be governed by Sheffield's weather, or feel that you have to live there or travel there to make the best of this website - just type in your own post code instead. Those of you without a computer or www access can simply go outside and see if you get wet.


Plainly ludicrous......

Dancing kittens, lost leopards - see them here... It's "Rathergood" ..

Walton's first attempts. It's an astroblog. Yup, that's right..

.The Law of the Playground Friends Reunited for grownups

A proper newspaper The Framley Examiner......................................................

Kids you'd love to slap The Chav experience

And those who get paid to not slap them The Copper's Blog

Rush were from Sheffield really.... Planet Bravado ...........................................

Extreme scatalogical humour. See you next Tuesday Holy Moly......................

Iraqi version of Windows XP Confuse an American today

Have a nice cup of tea and a sit down Beverage and biscuit advice site............

Ideal presents for the one you hate

More fantastic than Tolkien, more PC than Bill Gates' empire. So many positive images, so little reality....


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